Boost Low Testosterone Naturally


Testosterone is the number one male hormone that is important to gain muscle and bone mass. It also helps in hair growth and plays the main role in fat loss as well. Normally the amount of production of this hormone is 7mg/day which is very good. The low testosterone may put you in trouble because of bad eating habits like consumption of alcohol, smoking, junk food etc. if your weekly production of testosterone is 25-30mg than you have low testosterone.

The workout is very important such as legs exercise when you do lunges, squats, leg press your body releases testosterone naturally, in order to overcome low testosterone problem you must be active at least 3time a week.

When your level of stress become high because of any reason, that may be due to workload, improper sleep etc, ultimately body produce low testosterone. As much you live stress-free body will produce a high amount of testosterone. So try to keep yourself away from stress.

Every day after doing a full-time job we get tired physically and mentally, it is scientifically proven that a healthy body and mind requires minimum 7-8hour sleep in the night. Low testosterone may cause hair fall, unnecessary fat stores in the body and also affects your sex life.

Top 3 Foods that helps to boost Low Testosterone

1. Whole egg

whole egg

Eggs are great sources of not just full of Vitamin D, they are also loaded with other nutrients, such as lean protein for building quality muscle. If you are having cholesterol problem then don’t consume more than one whole egg daily.


2. Beans

Beans blackBeans are great for men who are looking to increase their testosterone levels because they are rich in both Vitamin D and zinc. If you are wondering which kinds of beans, you should know that almost all kinds benefit you. The reason why many men won’t eat beans is how long it takes to prepare them. If this is the case for you then all you need to do is invest in a pressure cooker and your beans will be ready in just a few minutes.


3. Fish (Tuna)

tuna fishThis fish is not just full of Vitamin D, but it is also low in calories and great for heart health. You can eat it fresh or canned, as it doesn’t really make a difference. A single serving will fulfill your Vitamin D requirements for a day. Don’t like the taste of tuna? Don’t worry you can eat salmon or sardines; they have the same high levels of Vitamin D and other vital nutrients that keep you healthy.

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